Introductory Session

Introductory sessions are ideal for nervous or young dogs. They allow them the time they need to settle into the parlour. This builds the confidence needed to enjoy being groomed.

This session includes times to explore the parlour, a soothing brush over and time to get to grips with the noise of the dryer.

The first introductory session is free of charge.

Bath Brush & Blow Dry

Find you can’t shake that wet dog smell? A bath, brush and blow dry is exactly what your pup needs! They will get a soothing bath using only the best grade grooming shampoos followed by a blow dry and brush to get their coat silky smooth.

This can be finished with a spritz of fragrance spray to have them smelling truly beautiful.

Prices start from just £14

Mini Groom

The perfect touch up in between full grooms. This includes a warm soothing bath in specialist grooming shampoo and a blow dry to get them smelling great and wonderfully soft.

This is then followed up with a full brush out, trimming of the pads on the feet, nails trimmed, sanitary areas trimmed and a face tidy so we can see those wonderful eyes again.

Prices from just £19

Full Groom

The complete pooch pampering experience. Starting with a warm relaxing bath in only the best grade grooming shampoo, a blow dry with evening primrose oil spray to get their coat beautifully silky soft, a full body trim to your preferred style and specifications, pads of their feet trimmed, nails clipped, ears and eyes cleaned and a full health check.

Finished off with a final flourish of fragrance spray to leave your dog clean, healthy and smelling fresh.

Prices start from just £27


This is designed for our very hairy friends that require the hair brushing out instead of being cut.

Specialist grooming tools help remove the dead undercoat from your pup. Followed by a deep cleansing scrub in the bath with high grade shampoos, a blow dry and light trimming of the paws, legs and tail all leave the coat feeling much lighter, silky and much more manageable.

Ideal for: Collies, Golden Retrievers, Huskies, Pomeranians, Sheepdogs and other double coated breeds.

Prices start from just £35

Smooth Coats

Not to forget our smooth haired companions, a groom can do wonders for their skin and prevent moulting.

They are treated to a massaging bath in a high grade grooming shampoo that's designed to promote healthy skin, followed up by a warming blow dry to remove any dead hair that is lingering in the coat.

This is finished off with a spray of evening primrose oil to keep the coat healthy and shiny.

Ideal for: Boxers, Bulldogs, Greyhounds, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, Whippets and other smooth coated breeds.

Prices start from just £25

Blueberry Facial

Why not treat your pup to an extra bit of pampering with a spa blueberry facial and head massage, helping your pup truly unwind into the grooming experience.

This facial is ideal for dogs with a shorter muzzle and white dogs that struggle with brown staining around the eyes. Cleaning into all the nooks of the face and soothing the skin helps to reduce brown staining on the face.

Price is £4 when added to any bath or full groom

Health Checks

A full health check is given to every dog that enters the parlour.

This includes checking over your pups skin condition, weight, ears, eyes, teeth and overall health. If anything has changed since your pups last appointment, or seems out of the ordinary, it will be reported back to you to help keep your pet in full health.

Ear & Eye Cleaning

Keeping your pets ears and eyes clean are vital for a healthy pup.

Cleaning of the eyes and ears is included in every treatment.

Nail Clipping

If you are finding your pets claws to be getting too long, book them in for a quick and easy nail clipping.

Price: £7 or included in any full groom